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Unblock Websites Using High Speed Smart DNS Proxy

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Smart Dns


Smart DNS Proxy Review.

Like Many of you, I enjoy watching movies at home using internet but lately many of the movie sites have Geo location blocking due to which it becomes impossible to watch movies locations which are not supported.  Then the question crops as how to a website. The immediate solution to overcome problem was usage of .

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The downside of using VPN was that the speed was drastically reduced to almost 60 percent and the overall fun of watching any movie was totally nullified due to constant buffering. Lately VPN is not effective for sites like Hulu where they are able to somehow know your original location and are successful in blocking streaming of movies. Like many of you I was frustrated and did a lot of googling trying to find a solution and voila, I came across Smart DNS Proxy. It  is not a VPN service but it allows to unblock us websites. Smart DNS proxy service have  lot of servers around the world and they provide smart dns service and allow you to watch movies just by changing the DNS proxy settings in your PC. DNS Proxy vendor have a 14 days totally free trial and so I tested the service. I was able to watch Hulu,Netflix with almost the same speed of my original ISP bandwidth using Smart DNS Proxy. I repeat, I was able to watch movies in Hulu,Netflix with almost the same ISP bandwidth using Smart DNS Proxy. There was just around 5 percent loss of bandwidth speed.This was far far better than any VPN service but the downside of Smart DNS Proxy  is that unlike VPN your connection is not secure but who anyway wants a secure connection while watching a movie. I currently have taken a two year subscription from them and am very happy. I would recommend this dns proxy service only if you have a speed above 1.5 Mbbps to take the full advantage. I have become an affiliate and have started marketing their service because it is truly a very remarkable service and I would really love if more and more people enjoy it.

smart dns proxy

The pricing for using the smart dns proxy service and the access software is subscription based and is very low and affordable compared to the facility to watch blocked sites and with almost no reduction in existing ISP speed.

Advantages of Smart DNS Proxy.

1. You lose only around 5 to 10 % of original ISP Bandwidth speed.

2. 200 + Services supported like youtube, hulu, Netflix etc.

3. Smart DNS Proxy  is very easy and needs minimal technical knowledge.

4. Watch websites from any part of the world.

5. Best  DNS Service available at this point of time.



1. You get very much addicted to this Smart DNS proxy service.

2. Connection is not secure and can be used only for watching movies or non secure content.


Update: Smart DNS Proxy also now provide VPN connection as a additional facility.

Join Now  and enjoy 14 days  Free access to watch and test blocked sites .

Credit Card Details not required for free 14 days Trial period.

P.S Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora are some of the sites that can be watched from any location using smart DNS Proxy.


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